“No apologies” for buying foreign cars: QLD Premier

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman says the state government must find the best value for money when buying cars and he makes “no apologies” for buying foreign-made vehicles.

At the COAG meeting last week Newman said QLD was facing a projected $8 billion deficit next year and the Government had to get the best value for money on its purchases.


“We will buy the best value on the day,” he said.


“We make no apologies for saving money for QLD taxpayers. We would prefer to buy Australian, but we've got to get a good deal.”


Newman said the Government hadn't bought any cars in the 12 months since he'd taken power, but one major manufacturer had only recently agreed to the procurement policies of the State Government.


NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell also said the amount of cars his Government had bought or leased had halved in the last few years due to rising costs, and price pressures would ultimately decide the State Government's purchases.


“We have been big purchasers of one of the local Holden models that is affected by the latest cutbacks,” he said.


“We will continue to look at the figures that VIC and SA are going to provide in terms of value for money because ultimately for NSW taxpayers it will come down to value for money.”


WA Premier Colin Barnett said at the moment around 43 per cent of the cars purchased by his Government were Australian-made, and officials would “work hard” to get the number up over 50 per cent.

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