NMW to look at productivity, include new product zones

National Manufacturing Week 2013 will feature value- and productivity-boosting solutions for those in the industry, as well as two brand new Product Zones.

The exhibition will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre next May 7-10. It will include companies including BOC, Sullair and ABB, and will address the “critical challenges” and “rich opportunities” identified in the Prime Minister’s Manufacturing Taskforce report, Smarter Manufacturing for a Smarter Australia.

“Despite all the competitive pressures facing it, manufacturing remains a vital part of Australia’s economy: contributing some 8% of GDP, employing nearly one million Australians and helping underpin commercial R&D, transport and logistics and the broader Australian economy,” said Paul Baker, Reed Exibitions’ director.

For the first time in Victoria, the event will feature Sustainable Manufacturing and Metals & Composites product zones, with 12 product zones in total.

For more details or to register, click here or email Guy Freebody at guy.freebody@reedexhibitions.com.au


(Image from NMW 2012)

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