NMW 2013 a success, says organiser

National Manufacturing Week 2013 drew 11,223 trade visitors, according to preliminary figures given by its organiser, and satisfied the key need of introducing attendees to new technology.

Reed Exhibitions said the event’s highlights included the all-new Metals and Composites product zone, which introduced new manufacturing materials to its visitors.

“At NMW, we’re targeting the right people for us,” said Simon Heading, Technical Sales Consultant for Lavender Composites.

“The contacts we made last year – at our first NMW – were CEOs, designers, decision-makers. In fact, we got solid sales from the event last year – at a time when others were closing their doors. This year’s show has been equally strong – and we’re confident of good outcomes again.”

NMW 2013 ran last week from May 7-10.

Exhibition director Paul Baker said that being able to see new technology first-hand was essential to making the event relevant.

“Almost everyone comes away from NMW having seen game-changing product or service,” he said.

“Most years, I hear someone leaving NMW say “I had been thinking that there should be a product that does X – and I’ve seen it today at NMW.”

NMW 2014 is slated for May 13-16 and will be held in Sydney.