Nissan recalls defective X-Trail and Dualis models

Nissan Australia has issued a product safety recall on its T31 Nissan X-Trail and J10 Nissan Dualis due to manufacturing fault in the power steering control unit, which can stop power assisted steering.

The company is recalling the T31 Nissan X-Trail made between the dates of 6 August to 30 October 2010 and the J10 Nissan Dualis made between the dates of 5 October 2010 to 31 January 2011.

The affected vehicles were available for national sales between the dates of 6 August 2010 – 28th November 2011.

According to Nissan, the defect on the electric power steering (EPS) control unit can stop functioning unexpectedly, causing the power steering warning lamp to come on.

However, the steering system will continue to remain functional, but will require increased steering effort, particularly at low speeds. This can lead to potential loss of steering control, the company said.

Nissan said it will contact owners of potentially affected vehicles. Contacted owners will then be required to bring the affected vehicle to a Nissan Australia franchise location for rectification and repair.