Nissan Qashqai wins praise and criticism for car safety features

The Nissan Qashqai has been awarded a 5 star safety rating
and, at the same time, been criticised for omitting a life-saving breaking

The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) gave the
Qashqai and one other car, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class the top rating this week,
but also said that it should have included Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB),
a technology which is included in the European model of the same car.

AEB is seen as the next great road safety advancement after the seatbelt,
airbags and stability control (which can prevent a skid in a corner).

“AEB is available on the
European-sold Qashqai yet it is not available at all on Australian and New
Zealand models. It is astounding to see yet another mainstream manufacturer
despecify their models for our local market,” said ANCAP Chairman, Mr
Lauchlan McIntosh in a statement.

“AEB is a proven life-saver and all manufacturers should be
doing their utmost to bring this technology to the market today. The lack of
AEB cannot be a matter of cost as it is available on other inexpensive

“Are lives in Australia and New Zealand worth less than
those in Europe?” Mr McIntosh questioned.

As The Newcastle Herald reports, NISSAN Australia managing
director Richard Emery rejected the claim that the feature had been left out of
the vehicle to reduce its price.

“It wasn’t made available to us,” Mr Emery said at the
Brisbane launch of Qashqai.

“Frankly, I am
disappointed the focus has gone off the number of safety features it actually
has. The car achieved a five star ANCAP rating and the raw numbers are very

Image: Nissan Australia

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