Next generation submarine tenders to be fast-tracked

The government is looking to fast-track the design tender for Australia’s next generation of submarines, opening up opportunities for Australian manufacturers.

According to the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) national secretary, Dave Oliver, the move is a major opportunity for the government to award the contracts locally and create a ‘once in a generation opportunity’ for Australia. 

“If the contract is awarded locally it will provide apprenticeships and deliver a world class industry that will last for decades,” he said. 

“There is every reason to choose a local tender to build these subs: hundreds of direct jobs, thousands more flow on jobs, training for young people, skills development for other industries, and of course defence capacity for Australia.” 

The AMWU claims it will now campaign to ensure the government uses a full cost benefit analysis for all tenders.

Oliver says this must take into account the overall benefits to the community, including employment and skills development, instead of a narrow focus on the cheapest price.



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