New water-soluble 3D printing material released [VIDEO]

3D Systems has released a new, water-soluble feedstock, designed to make the removal of support structures from 3D printed objects easier.

Gizmodo and others report on the release of the new Infinity Rinse-Away Support material from US company 3DS. Infinity, which is only compatible with PLA thermoplastic, is non-toxic and designed for use with 3DS's Cube printers.

The layer-by-layer nature of 3D printing means that complicated structures often need material printed that is not part of the finished part, with this removed before finishing.

The removal is at times difficult, with parts sometimes damaged due to the difficulty in removing the support by craft knife or other means.

Infinity enables users to “print unachievable overhangs, intricate patterns, and suspension in space" according to publicity material, with the non-PLA resin removed by tap water.