New tool to cut energy bills

Small manufacturing businesses will be able to lower their energy costs with a new tool from the federal government.

The Business Energy Advice Program (BEAP) provides businesses with a personalised energy advice service and an online tool to identify where the business can trim their energy bill.

For businesses with 6-20 employees, the NSW Business Chamber will deliver personalised energy consultations.

To view and choose between energy plans and services available in the market, AlphaBeta and Xero have lent their support to create the Small Business Energy Check online benchmarking tool. Businesses will be able to compare how much they are spending on energy with similar businesses in their sector and vicinity.

With this information, businesses are encouraged to make changes to equipment and usage to improve energy efficiency by identifying areas within the business and outside of it that they can save on energy.

With the energy market increasingly complex, the BEAP is designed to simply the process of selecting an energy provider for small businesses.

As part of the BEAP, the government is holding workshops to explore how the data that goes into the Small Business Energy Check can enable innovation for both small businesses and the energy sector.

The service operates in addition to the default market offer, which from July 1 has allowed businesses in NSW, SA and Queensland to save up to $896 on their energy bill through caps on standing electricity orders.

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