New smartphone pushing Korean manufacturers to the limit

Samsung’s Korean manufacturer is having trouble sourcing adequate technology to build the tech giant’s new Galaxy S4 smartphone, according to industry rumours.

Rumours have been circulating that while Samsung plans on developing a new screen for the smartphone, manufacturers in Korea are having trouble finding the technology to build it.

Manufacturers are reportedly seeking more advanced technology from 3M, but delays in sourcing materials may end up pushing back the release date for the new phone, according to Digitimes.

So far reports on the manufacturing process are unsubstantiated, and Samsung has made no comment on the rumours.

The setback is the latest challenge for high-end electronics manufacturers, with news emerging earlier this week Apple looks set to delay the launch of its new range of iMacs due to difficulties in the manufacturing process.

Unnamed sources said the complexity of the iMacs and the manufacturing techniques demanded by Apple had led to the delays.