New program encourages pollies to understand farming, manufacturing

The Land reports on the launch of the Australian Manufacturing and Farming Program, which gives politicians to get a first-hand experience of the industries.

The AMFP was launched in Canberra, involving Senators Nick Xenophon (independent) and John Madigan (Democratic Labor Party) and Bob Katter (independent MP), as well as business leaders like Dick Smith and Keech Australia CEO Herbert Hermens.

The initiative gives the politicians first-hand experience of farms and factories, as well as exposure to the ideas of industry leaders in those sectors.

“The best thing we can all learn from is hands-on experience,” said Madigan.

Hermens pointed to the need for cooperation between politicians and industry, and the difficulties faced by his industry due to cheap imports.

“The current process of collaboration is difficult and time consuming and to support innovation this needs to change,” said Hermens.

“Being able to meet with politicians and have these discussions face-to-face is an important first step in reversing the decline in Australia’s manufacturing sector.”

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