New procurement platform to support major supply chain projects

A new industry platform has been launched to support major resource, construction and infrastructure projects – offering real-time monitoring of contractor and supplier movement.

Technology company Tikforce has released its Entreprise Vendor Supply Chain platform, which provides “unprecedented visibility, monitoring and reporting” of all contractors entering and exiting procurement projects.

Following consultation with industry leaders, compliance and verification, Western Australia-based Tikforce developed the integrated solution for enterprise level procurement-centric organisations.

The management console provides a range of reporting and management alerts to maximise the efficiency to build and maintain fully compliant workforce.

Furthermore, the platform owns a wide range of APIs that can be accessed to enhance human resource or supplier management systems – delivering data to keep registered suppliers informed.

“Our customers challenged us to solve an industry wide dilemma,” said Duncan Anderson, Tikforce non-executive chairman.

“Workforce compliance is not optional, but is too hard to manage, particularly when an individual performing work is sub-contracted multiple levels removed from the project owner.”

“Following 12 months of development through close stakeholder and industry consultation, I am happy to advise that Tikforce has created a cost-effective compliance platform that simplifies management of workforce credentials.”

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