New powerful dust suppression cannon uses salt water

Dust suppression is a major problem in many Australian industries and often relies on easy access to clean, fresh water. But in some locations, it can be costly or impractical to pump clean water to the site: this is where the V22 Dust Cannon becomes a cost-effective alternative solution.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, the V22 Salt Dust Cannon provides a powerful and environmentally-friendly offering. It is designed to use saline or salt water without the risk of rapid corrosion of components. This makes it unique and a real winner in the materials handling, ship loading and mining industries where its powerful, energy efficient turbine makes the unit ideal for controlling dust.

The patented nozzles generate a fine atomised mist which binds dust particles to prevent them from spreading. The V22 Salt has an 80m throwing range with 90% saturation (without wind). Alternatively, the turbine can be turned off for more delicate close range dust suppression.

It has low noise emissions at just 63dB at 20m which is incredible for such a powerful dust cannon. The V22 Salt is fully automated with a 360° programmable oscillation angle.

The manufacturer of the V22 Salt Dust Cannon proudly states it is the most modern, energy efficient dust controlling machine on the market.