New partnership hoped to spur photonics manufacturing cluster

A collaboration between the University of Adelaide and Trajan Scientific and Medical will aim to commercialise photonics technology developed at the university.

The Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing and the School of Physical Sciences and Trajan will work to develop the university’s intellectual property, which is claimed to have applications in medical and scientific settings.

“Trajan’s skills in advanced manufacturing – including processes and systems, quality control, and logistics – combined with our research expertise and facilities will enable transition of research outputs from the University and its partners into commercial manufacturing,” said Professor Mike Brooks, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), in a statement.

The R&D hub partnership was came out of the SA government and IPAS’s Photonics Catalyst Program, and the facility will be set up assisted by a $346,000 government grant, reports The Advertiser.

“This exciting collaboration will also open up new opportunities for research and accelerate the development of a significant cluster of photonics companies in South Australia.” Professor Brooks added.

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