New igus bearings with electrostatic discharge properties from Treotham

The new lubrication free igus iglide F2 ESD bearing material is available in a range of sizes, as well as a machinable bar stock, and is suitable for use when anti-static operation is required.

Uncontrolled static discharges can harmfully affect electronic components, as well as obstruct production processes and contribute to fire risk.

The iglide F2 ESD bearings are suitable for industries where anti-static operation is required, such as textile manufacturing , where flying debris and particles are attracted by statically charged bearings and cling to them, causing expensive maintenance work and system downtime.

The iglideF2 contributes to continuous active discharge of electrostatic charges. The low surface resistance, ranging between 103 and 109 Ω depending on component geometry, reduces the charging voltage level and contributes to the depletion of the charge.

The iglide F2 material is available in 14 bearing diameters and a machinable bar stock, to ensure maximum design flexibility.

The new bearing material is maintenance free, self-lubricating and offers excellent wear properties. The iglide F2 material is also extremely resistant to dust and debris, and can withstand high loads and speeds.

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