New hub aims to grow Australian prefab building industry

A new hub dedicated to increasing the competitiveness of local prefabricated building products will be launched tomorrow.

The federally-funded Manufacturing Excellence Taskforce Australia, in partnership with PrefabAUS, will launch the PrefabAUS Hub.

According to a statement from META, the construction industry makes up over a tenth of national GDP, or $150 billion, annually. The prefabricated housing sector makes up only $4.6 billion of that, but is tipped to grow at a brisk 5 per cent-plus per annum.

The hub will aim to increase the competitiveness of local participants against imports.

“The Hub participants will grow prefabricated housing through development of new architectural design thinking, innovative techniques and processes and work towards advanced manufacturing within the field,” said Zoran Angelkovski, META’s managing director.

The launch follows the announcement of a new National Commercial Aerospace Hub last week and hubs for Carbon Fibre and Sports Technology earlier in the year.

Tomorrow’s launch will be at 1 pm at the “Prefabricating Australia: Growing our off-site construction sector” conference at Melbourne.


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