New funding to support carbon fibre manufacturing in Geelong

The Australian Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) has announced A$250,000 project funding for Geelong-based carbon fibre composites manufacturer, Quickstep Holdings.

The investment will help the company develop a carbon fire fender for the European market. AMGC claims that the project has the potential to generate $25 million in revenue and increase in-demand jobs in the region.

The funding comes on top of $250,000 in project funds the AMGC granted to the Advanced Fiber Cluster Geelong. This funding will directly support the Geelong Manufacturing Council in collaboration with Carbon Nexus, a Deakin University research centre.

AMGC’s managing director Dr. Jens Goennemann said that these show that manufacturing has a strong future in Australia.

“To make these kinds of significant investments in the region of Geelong sends a clear signal that our manufacturing industry has a strong future in Australia,” Dr. Jens Goennemann said.

“We are convinced to have the raw talent to compete globally and offer a unique point of difference, and that’s through our technology leadership and value-added services. When we have solutions that global customers want and when our manufacturers offer something different and compete primarily on value, not on cost – then those customers are willing to pay a good price for that product or service.”

The AMGC’s recently released Sector Competitiveness Plan founds that the Australian manufacturing sector along with its supporting industries can add up to $36 billion to the national economy over the next decade. The report finds that the majority of this lift in revenue could come from innovative product design and technical edge.