New fully programmable pallet wrappers from CPS Packaging

CPS Packaging presents the SW2/A+, a new range of pallet wrappers
featuring advanced PLC control and touch screen operation.

The pneumatic film is attached at the start of the wrapping cycle with
the pneumatic arm featuring a cut blade and film attach system.

Key features of the SW2/A+ fully programmable pallet wrappers include external
start push button, remote or lanyard system; barrier on turntable for correct
pallet location; pneumatic blower for the initial film tail; welding unit for
film tail; and PLC controlled operation.

Turntable design highlights include low 85mm profile; 1650mm diameter; heavy
duty chain and sprocket drive; 2000kg drive capacity; variable speed from 6 to
13 rpm; and programmable soft start.

The film carriage features power controlled pre-stretch values up to
300%; safety emergency stop system; easy load film system; maximum pallet
height 2100mm; variable travel speed; and PE controlled height sensing.

The lockable control panel of the SW2/A+ pallet wrappers allows multiple
wrap programs to be stored, and features a safety emergency stop; manual or
auto modes; 4 automatic wrap programs; film tension control; and top and bottom
wrap count.

Options include ramp for hand pallet trucks; extended mast, taking
maximum pallet height to 3000mm; top platten for high unstable loads; guarding
with anti-intrusion photo eyes; and 750mm wide film carriage.

All CPS equipment carries a 12-month warranty.