New Dyson fan took 65 engineers, 3 years, $75 m to create [VIDEO]

British technology company Dyson has released a redesigned, quieter version of its Air Multiplier, developed over three years and a cost of almost $75 million in R&D.

According to the company (see below video) the new machine, named the Cool fan, is made quieter through new Helmholtz cavities, which act as silencers and attenuate the whistling sound produced by the machine.

The improvements include a claimed 75 per cent reduction in noise produced, now less than that of a mosquito's wings flapping. According to The Verge, the fan’s appearance is similar to the old version, with all the re-jigging occurring inside the machine.

The original Air Multiplier came out in 2009. This week’s release was developed over three years at a cost of over 40 million pounds (approximately $75 million).

The Guardian reports that 65 engineers worked on the project

“At Dyson we make hundreds of incremental changes rather than one leap forward at a time,” Nick Schneider, an acoustic engineer at Dyson, told The Guardian.

“That means we produce and test hundreds of prototypes for each project. 640 prototypes from handmade models to 3D printed designs were made during the development of the Cool fan.”

Image: The Guardian


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