New defence-university partnership announced

Defence Minister Christopher Pyne

The Australian defence minister, Christopher Pyne, announced last Wednesday the establishment of a new partnership between the Defence Science and Technology (DST) and South Australian universities. 

DST Group will be a key player in the partnership, contributing up to $150,000 per year for research projects as well as seconding a senior researcher.

Pyne said that the new initiative would help grow the local defence industry.

“This new partnership between the DST Group and the South Australian university sector aims to create a centre for future defence related research networks in South Australia. A further example of the Turnbull Government’s commitment to build our defence industry,” Pyne said.

“It will provide a platform for industry and universities in South Australia to undertake joint cross-disciplinary research, solving Defence’s technology challenges.”  

Pyne said that the new collaboration would provide clearer communication of DST’s priorities for industry. 

“This partnership will help to grow a future talent pool of defence researchers and fund joint projects to enhance industry capability and transition research into innovation,” Pyne said.