New computer game puts users in the plant managers’ shoes

A new interactive game from Siemens that simulates the experience of being a plant manager is now being released in the US, however Australian release dates have not been revealed.

Called Platville, the game, from Siemens, is an educational and fun online game not only designed for those working industry, but also for the general public.

The game is a way Siemens can raise awareness of its brand and offerings, not just to those in the industry but consumers too.

The game puts players in front of a challenge to maintain the operation of a plant while trying to improve productivity.

Players can improve the health of their plants by applying Siemens industrial products to help the plant save energy, reduce waste, and increase productivity.

A spokesperson for Siemens Australia says the game will be available in Australia, but a release date has not been set.

Plant Engineering broke the news first.

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