New body to help meet transport needs of Victorian business

Rob Blackburn - 2009 - The Grampians

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry said it was encouraged by today’s strategic decision to bring together the planning, coordination and operation of Victoria’s transport system under the new body, Transport for Victoria.

Victorian Chamber Chief Executive said that a highly integrated infrastructure system was vital to supporting long term economic growth and liveability for our state. “Victorian businesses need a connected and reliable infrastructure system that cuts travel times, reduces congestion, lowers freight costs and improves the ability of workers to go where the jobs are,” said Mr Stone.

“In the Victorian Chamber’s submissions to Infrastructure Victoria, we have stressed the importance of taking a coordinated and integrated approach to infrastructure planning to boost business competitiveness.”

“With so many major transport projects taking place in Victoria, the new body will provide an important one stop shop for businesses seeking information and support.”

“We hope to see Transport for Victoria achieve this across Victoria’s transport networks.” The Victorian Chamber looks forward to working with Transport for Victoria to meet the strategic needs of Victorian businesses and workers now and into the future.