New Aussie dry prime dewatering pumps create new benchmarks in design, efficiency and value for money

Australian Pump Industries launched a new range of dry prime dewatering
pumps at the recent 2014 CivEnex show.

Comprising of 3”, 4” and 6” pumps, the new range has been designed to
create a new standard in the market for dry prime design, efficiency levels and
value for money.

Aussie Pumps’ Chief Engineer, John Hales explains that the brand already
has established a reputation for quality, self-priming trash pumps that can
handle virtually any solids laden liquids, with the wet prime pumps featuring a
cost effective but robust design.

Aussie Pumps now seeks to replicate the same in the dry prime pump market
with the new product range featuring a simple design, offering easier
maintenance and costing less than competitor models.

Engineered to meet the requirements of professional contractors, miners,
local government and quarry operators, the new Aussie Auto-Prime range delivers
exceptional efficiencies, excellent solids handling capabilities and the ability
to automatically re-prime from a completely dry state.

According to Hales, Aussie Pumps designed the pump to deliver high
performance by increasing the specifications, and lowered the cost by reducing the
range of options. For example, the robust pumps all include 316 stainless steel
impellers and volutes with front cases in high grade SG400-12 cast iron, and back
plates constructed from 431 grade stainless steel.

Key features of the AP dry prime pumps include a rugged ‘ball type’
check valve, with an easily replaceable polyurethane seat and ball; exceptional
flow efficiencies with the big 6” pump AP150, boasting flows to 7,200 LPM; 4”
model achieving a maximum head of 40 metres; excellent self-priming
characteristics with the ability to lift water up to 8.5 metres; simple trouble-free
design with compressor prime allowing dry priming without any problem; Perkins
water cooled diesel engines chosen for their reliability, ease of service and
international spares availability; engine fitted with electric auto-start and offering
standard shutdown protection; standard steel based units supplied with an integrated
fuel tank and corner tie-downs; all welding completed to IAW AS 1554.1; and
chassis pressure tested to IAW AS 1692.