New 3D printer with large printing volume for professional and hobby users

German RepRap Australia has introduced a new 3D printer designed for
professional users in the design and engineering fields as well as serious
hobby users.

Made in Germany by German RepRap GmbH, the flagship X400 is a low cost 3D
printer that meets the requirements of the professional construction and
development segment for prototyping as well as small batch production. Offering
a printing volume of about 56 litres, the X400 is the biggest commercial 3D
printer based on the RepRap technology.

The X400 combines quality and performance with OpenSource technology,
making these 3D printers ideal for design, engineering, manufacturing and
electronics businesses. German RepRap GmbH was one of the first German
companies to market their own 3D printer based on an OpenSource project with the
RepRap movement revolutionising the 3D printer market and making 3D printing
technology affordable to a much wider audience.

Key features of the X400 include layer thicknesses between 0.1mm and
1.0mm and printing volume of 400 x 400 x 350 mm for printing of precise and
large models; flexibility to use different plastics such as PLA, ABS and PP;
optional second extruder to print in multiple plastic types, colours or support
material; and ability to accommodate three large 2.2kg filament spools.

The X400 has been built with high-quality electronic components, all
compatible with the OpenSource RepRap Software. The modular concept allows easy
access to all mechanical components and offers maximum flexibility for custom
adaptations and future extensions.

The X400 measures 650 x 650 x 700 mm (W/D/H) in dimension, weighs about
35kg, and is available as a kit. Options include an acrylic case to reduce
model warping and a base cabinet for additional storage.