Nedstack Australia manufactures hydrogen PEM fuel cell technology

Nedstack Australia

Nedstack Australia, a fuel cell technology manufacturer, has received $825,000 from the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMGC) to support the development of its proton-exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology. This will contribute to the expansion of the Australian hydrogen industry. 

The prototype will be developed at the $20 million Springfield facility, expanding on the planned manufacturing of hydrogen fuel cells for LAVO’s 40kWh storage unit. 

Nedstack Australia is a joint venture between LAVO Hydrogen Storage Technology and Nedstack of Netherlands, a Dutch PEM Fuel Cell manufacturer. The AMGC grant will enable locally developed, utility scale PEM fuel cell products in Australia. 

LAVO green hydrogen-powered devices are currently using Nedstack fuel cells in its hydrogen energy storage system. Developing and manufacturing the PEM technology in Australia will enhance domestic capabilities and meet the increasing demand for fuel cells in hydrogen-fed power supply units, both here and overseas. This is applicable to the renewable energy, telecom, mining and transportation industries. 

It will also mean improving the hydrogen eco-system supply chain and providing a long-term, sustainable solution to helping key domestic industries meet net-zero targets. 

A hydrogen technology and lifestyle company, LAVO is changing the way people live with energy. Founded in 2020, LAVO Hydrogen Technology Limited was established to fast track the commercialisation of technology, developed within the Hydrogen Energy Research Centre. Co-founded by Providence Asset Group and the University of New South Wales, it is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. 

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