Navies could soon use 3D printing for boats, says report

Navies may soon be equipped with 3D printed – as well as unmanned surface and underwater – vessels, according to a report by Qinetic Group.

Bloomberg reports that the Global Marine Technology Trends 2030 paper by the defence technology firm, and co-written by University of Southampton and Lloyd’s Register, notes that crafts up to 15 metres long could be made cheaper and more quickly out of printed metal and plastic powders.

“If you have a 3D printer that uses nano materials and your boats are modular, you could print out a vessel,” a Qinteq spokesperson told Fox News.

The use of advanced manufacturing solutions for “tailored, leading-edge products” would increase, said the report.

“This will lead to the exploitation of these technologies in order to deliver high-quality, low-cost products and systems through emerging trends such as open source designs for use with 3D and 4D printing,” it read.