National Manufacturing Week to focus on future of SME

Everywhere we look today, we see fundamental changes in how things are designed and made.

Across the world and the world’s industries, things have evolved as new technologies are transforming the way people create products, buildings, infrastructure, stories and more.

As part of National Manufacturing Week (May 9-12), Manufacturers Monthly will host a thought leadership session on how SME’s are breaking through the barriers to shape a positive future for Australian manufacturing.

In keeping with this theme of product and service innovation, read on for four additional sessions as part of NMW 2017 looking at how products and services will innovate into the future.


Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council SME Showcase, May 10, 11.30am-1pm

This fast-paced showcase session will profile a range of Australia’s best performing small to medium manufacturing enterprises.

Presentations will highlight some of the characteristics and strategies that are helping these growing leaders to excel in an increasingly challenging local and global manufacturing marketplace.

Secrets to building scale, finding cutting edge niches, accessing global supply chains, R&D partnerships and more will be explored as these manufacturing enterprises share their experiences and stories.


Mass Customisation, how does it work? May 9, 3.30-4.05pm

A perennial issue Australian manufacturing has been dealing with for decades is how to be sustainable and competitive in a high cost labour market?

Mass customisation is a growing global trend in manufacturing, balancing highly customer centric products with the efficiency and unit cost benefits of mass production, and is emerging as an opportunity for agile manufacturers to move up the value chain and achieve competitive advantage.

Visionflex Chief Technical Officer Andrew Kleinert will introduce this trend, providing his take having worked across medical devices, energy management, consumer electronics, test measurement and communications.


Mass customisation – balancing customer centric products with high production efficiency at Tinyme, May 9, 2.50-3.25pm

Tinyme is one of Australia’s leading online brands making personalised products for children.

Hear Tinyme Director of Operational Development Nick McLennan discuss how they have rapidly grown to supply a global market from its manufacturing facility in Melbourne, through the use of advanced manufacturing techniques and digital technologies.

His presentation will also touch on the key elements of being a globally-competitive manufacturer based in Australia.


Evaluating the challenges faced by Australian Business Owners, May 10, 10.15-10.50am

The challenges of manufacturing in Australia continue to change dramatically and seemingly faster and faster.

This session, run by Manufacturship’s Jason Furness and Bede Boyle, will address the findings of the Manufacturship 2015-2016 Research which involved research with +200 manufacturing business owners and leaders across diverse sectors including aerospace & defence industries, automotive, biomedical, building and construction systems, food, materials handling and mining technologies.

The process was based on questionnaires and in-depth conversations with clients and attendees at Manufacturship CEO Forums on ‘what really works’ in addressing the identified critical challenges.


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