Nanosonics launches its latest device in North America and Europe

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Australian disinfection technology company, Nanosonics, has announced the commercial launch of its automated transducers disinfection device in North America and Europe.

Nanosonics’ trophon platform device reduces the risk of ultrasound probe related cross infection and simplifies the creation of accurate digital records.

The company recently launched the second generation of the device, called trophon2, which features a new software platform and digital connectivity.

“Following the successful introduction to manufacturing and production ramp up, we are excited to provide the latest innovation in ultrasound probe decontamination to customers in North America and Europe,” said Michael Kavanagh, Nanosonics’ CEO and President.

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Kavanagh said  trophon2 features a range of new benefitscompared to the original trophon EPR device.

“These enhancements include a large high definition colour touch screen with animations for ease of installation, training and use; whisper quiet operation; and a range of programmable options,” he said.

“Central to the new design is a totally new software platform which delivers superior capabilities including the all-new AcuTraceTM feature. AcuTrace delivers paperless traceability and documentation of disinfection cycles through the latest state-of-the-art RFID technology embedded in ultrasound probe tags, operator cards, the disinfectant bottle and the chemical indicators.

The trophon2 device can store over 100,000 disinfection records and this electronic data capture provides more accurate and complete records for improved compliance with required standards.

In addition to AcuTrace, trophon2 also delivers AcuTraceTM PLUS digital connectivity functionality which enables the trophon2 device to be seamlessly integrated with hospital IT systems for a streamlined, paperless and completely integrated reprocessing solution. From a user’s perspective it means that, at the touch of a button, they can verify that any probe, at any moment in time, has been successfully disinfected, resulting in peace of mind for patients and their care providers.

“It is expected that trophon2 will continue to drive installed base growth internationally as trophon becomes the new standard of care as well as introduce the opportunity for an upgrade market through the current installed base,” Kavanagh said.

According to Kavanagh, the original trophon EPR device will remain in the market as an entry level product.

“However, we anticipate a significant proportion of sales to shift from trophon EPR to the new trophon2 system over time,” he said.

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