Munitions testing range build considered in Queensland

munitions testing

The Queensland government have announced the potential for a new munitions testing range to be built, supporting the development and manufacture of guided munitions. 

The announcement was made yesterday at Land Forces 2021, the Asia Pacific’s pre-eminent showcase for land defence. 

“A Queensland munitions test range would support commercial users to innovate and help develop a truly sovereign capability in future guided munitions development and manufacture,” deputy premier and state development minister Steven Miles said. 

“Parts of Queensland are potentially suitable to develop support facilities and infrastructure for munitions testing, storage, disposal, maintenance and logistics. 

“These businesses would become part of this new supply chain and that means jobs for Queenslanders,” he said. 

The first step will be to assess investment viability and to engage with the Australian Defence Force and defence industry, according to Miles. 

“The Australian government wants to improve sovereign capability and support the future needs of the Australian Defence Force as it seeks to maintain regional stability,” he said. 

“Here in Queensland, we are building on our strong industrial base and world-class capabilities to create an additional 3,500 jobs in the defence industry sector by 2028. 

“Queensland is already home to Rheinmetall Defence Australia’s $170-million Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence, or MILVEHCOE, the most advanced military vehicle manufacturing facility in Australia,” Miles said. 

“And while we’re in a great place now for defence industries, we have a clear path forward too. Whether it’s building combat reconnaissance vehicles in South East Queensland, shell forging in Maryborough, sustaining naval vessels in Cairns, or supporting the construction of new and expanded training ranges near Rockhampton and Townsville, Queensland is the front line for our defence industry.” 

To find out more information about the Queensland Defence Industries 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan, click here. 

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