Multipac responds to rising energy costs with solar energy system

Fibre drum packaging and manufacturing company Multipac recently installed solar panels at its Echuca factory.

Managing director George Panek said the decision was prompted by increased energy costs compared to CPI, and the switch to solar energy helped stabilise production costs.

“Installing a 45 kilowatt solar technology to power our regional manufacturing plant made sense, due to Echuca experiencing some of the highest number of sunlight hours in Australia,” he said.

“It gives me a great sense of pride to drive up the road towards the factory and see all 225 solar panels, knowing they are generating power from the sun.”

The Managing director said the thickness of the panels influenced his decision to contract Sun Connect to fit panels to the Multipac factory, as Echuca could experience high winds as well as abundant sunshine.

“Thinner panels are like wobble boards in the wind,” explained Sun Connect’s CEO Mark Tuke.

“The constant bending creates micro-fractures in the silicone, which means that electrons cannot flow properly, resulting in less electricity outputted.”