Money doesn’t grow on trees so why waste it on compressors?

A new post from Exair blogger, Kirk Edwards, poses an arresting argument about the costs associated with compressed air loss in the plant.

“Many facilities do not know their actual compressed air usage or keep good records of its cost. And if you are not paying too much attention to your compressed air system, it is difficult to see opportunities to save it, and ultimately save money,” he says.

We all know air compressors are one of the most energy-hungry components in our production line, but there are still so many of us who don’t do anything to stop losing air/money.

Air audits can help. So can choosing the right compressor for your application.

“After all – Money doesn’t grow on trees… Keep your eyes open for an opportunity to save and don’t fail to act once you see it,” says Edwards.

There’s a cute video on this post too.

Check it out here.

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