Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners appoints new GMs


(L-R) Carrie Che and Rita Doulkeridis.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia (MHIAA) has appointed two key members to its senior management team. These form part of an internal structure review to ensure the company continues to best service the needs of its external and internal stakeholders.  

On 1 July, Carrie Che was appointed to the role of general manager, Finance and Accounting and company secretary, and Rita Doulkeridis was appointed to the role of general manager, Operations. Both employees have been with the company for several years. 

Yuji ITO, managing director for MHIAA, added that these promotions mark a new milestone, with 50 per cent of the company’s senior management team now being female.  

“This further underpins our commitment to diversity and equal opportunity in the workplace. We believe in an all-inclusive environment in which there is growth for everyone,” he said.  

Meet Carrie Che  

Che first joined MHIAA in 2006 and has played a crucial role in the development of the finance team and financial operations since then.  

“Through her continued contributions, Carrie has proven that her professional leadership, strategy development and execution will become a pivotal asset in her new position for the development and success of our business. Carrie’s commitment for excellence will see her succeed in many areas as Company Secretary,” Yuji said. 

As the general manager, Finance, Accounting and company secretary, Che says that she has become a strategic player in the company, supporting key stakeholders in the business.  

“In addition, I’ll be using financial data to influence business decision making and strategy. This will enhance our brand and the company’s valuation, ensuring confidence amongst key stakeholders,” she said. 

The role is also an opportunity to gain exposure to the commercial and operational functions in the business.  

I am working closely with the senior management to provide financial advice and analysis in support of business strategies, risk management and internal control,” Che said. 

“My role requires timely reporting and forecasting of company performance in a very competitive and dynamic market. I enjoy contributing to the growth of MHIAA, which has accomplished a rapid growth.” 

Meet Rita Doulkeridis 

Yuji explained that Doulkeridis’ promotion is central to the customer experience. 

“Rita first joined our company in 2020 as the customer care manager and was later promoted to operations manager,” he said. “She has since displayed a strong passion for improving business operations. In her new role, Rita will help to further enhance the customer experience journey and looks to cement stronger relationships with our key partners.” 

Speaking to her new role, Doulkeridis said that customers and stakeholders will benefit from her deep interest in enabling meaningful and value-adding change across all facets of MHIAA’s operations.  

“My first priority will be aimed at enhancing our service capabilities and customer experience,” she said. 

She added that during the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives both personally and professionally, and that challenges to global and domestic supply chains cannot be disputed.  

My objective is to evolve an agile operations capability that can navigate continuous disruption effectively, efficiently, and sustainably,” Doulkeridis said. 

As a company dedicated to delivering great service and experiences for its stakeholders, MHIAA believes that these appointments go a long way towards achieving its strategic goals.  

“As a leader in the industry we are constantly looking to innovation and new ideas; not forgetting the need to enhance existing systems and processes,” Yuji said. “The appointment of these two general managers will help to ensure that we achieve our goals and continue to redefine the industry as the experts in air.”