Minister launches Manufacturing Academy

The Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Karen Andrews, launched the Manufacturing Academy on September 24.

Produced by the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre, the Manufacturing Academy is modelled on the Khan Academy, a globally-available video-learning platform.

The Manufacturing Academy features Australian manufactures, such as Sutton Tools, Austeng, and iOrthotics, among others, and has each of these manufacturers share their stories of success, innovation, and commercialisation.

“The online Manufacturing Academy offers free education to all manufacturers anywhere, anytime and on any device. It is delivered by manufacturers for manufacturers,” said Andrews.

The Academy attempts to overcome the gap between the knowledge and skills held by manufacturers, and those that are still to adopt the latest innovative processes.

“This tool recognises that small and medium sized businesses often don’t have the capacity or money to spend on developing their business,” said Andrews.

The modules focus on competitiveness, resilience, workforce, product value, export, and the state of manufacturing.

The Manufacturing Academy also includes a Marketplace, where businesses can learn about the resources offered by government department and agencies, such as the Australian Space Agency, AustCyber, Austrade, and others. Sources of information are also broken down by state so that suburban and regional manufacturers can tap into knowledge networks designed for them.

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