Mini jet engine printed, tested at 33,000 RPM, at GE Aviation [VIDEO]

GE has additively manufactured a working miniature jet engine and tested it at 33,000 RPM.

CNet and others report that the “fun side project” – as one engineer called it – was about a foot long, and modelled on a remote controlled aircraft engine.

The prototype was the work of machinists, engineers and technicians at the GE Aviation’s Additive Development Centre at Ohio. An EOS M270 machine, which uses direct metal sintering, was used to create the 12-part machine.

According to GE, “high-strength, high-temperature alloys” were used in the project’s creation.

The mini-engine comes after Monash University and Amaero’s project for France Safran, to build 3D printed metal replicas of their gas turbine jet engines, made international news in February.


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