META/Albion/ASTN unveil first collaborative project

This morning the first project completed through the META Sports Advanced Manufacturing Hub, a high-tech helmet for jockeys, was launched.

The prototype helmet, engineered to absorb and spread impact and constructed out of carbon fibre and other materials, was unveiled at an Australian Sports Technologies Network breakfast at Flemington Racecourse this morning.

Albion’s new Coonan & Denlay Racing helmet will be tested to replicate speeds up to 60 km per hour, as required by the Australian Racing Board.

“We had been working on an advanced racing helmet for about three years and progressed to the stage of manufacturing but couldn’t get the manufacturing consistency from our overseas partners” said Brendan Denning, Albion’s CEO, in a statement.

“The support from META has allowed us to partner with local suppliers and manufacturers who we were unaware of prior to our involvement in the hub.”  

Research was co-funded by META, and involved RMIT.

The sports hub, a partnership between the Australian Sports Technology Network and META, was launched in July as an initiative to increase Australia’s participation in an international market worth an estimated $300 billion.

According to the ASTN, Australia exports only $286 million of sporting goods, while importing $2 billion.

Since the launch of the Sports Advanced Manufacturing Hub, META has launched several others, focussed on themes including prefabricated housing, commercial aerospace, and design-led innovation.


Image: The Age

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