Melbourne bioplastics manufacturer expands Malaysian resin market

Melbourne-based sustainable and eco-friendly bioplastics developer SECOS Group is expanding its manufacturing operations in Malaysia.

Expansion into compostable resin has been encourage by local authorities and, accompanied by a ‘Bionexus’ status awarded by the Malaysian government, SECOS is supporting its own international growth strategy in this area.

The company’s new resin plant will be called Cardia Bioplastics and will operate under Malaysian business Stellar Films, which SECOS acquired in April 2015. The unit will complement the company’s current operations in Nanjing, China.

“With single-use plastic bags having become a global ecological issue, we applaud the Malaysian government for showing leadership and making a strong commitment to bioplastics,” said SEO managing director Stephen Walters.

“Establishing a new compostable resin plant in Malaysia will set the company as a leader in the Malaysian bioplastic resins that suit the needs of the large Malaysian bag market.

The Malaysain plastics industry is estimated to be worth more than A$8 billion and is growing at five to eight per cent annually, with a large percentage of growth coming from the bioplastics sector.

Cardia Bioplastics Malaysia will benefit from its own dedicated team of sales and operational personnel who will focus on opportunities to service Malaysian film and bag manufacturers.