Melbourne-based MicroHeat reinvents the electric water heater

Melbourne-based MicroHeat Technologies has unveiled its advanced Continuous Flow Electric Water Heater (CFEWH).

Designed and manufactured in Australia, MicroHeat's water heater is the result of a decade of development and was aided by AusIndustry, ICN, and RMIT University, among others.

The company is not short on ambition, and aims to be the world’s largest supplier of the most energy efficient water heating solutions by 2015/2018.

The products are manufactured by Futuris Automotive Interiors.

“Building a sustainable manufacturing solutions business is one of the key strategies for Futuris over the next few years. MicroHeat and the Continuous Flow Electric Hot Water Heater are cornerstones of this strategy,” notes Mark De Wit, CEO Futuris.

In its water heaters, MicroHeat uses carbon fiber developed by the Victorian Centre for Advanced Materials Manufacturing. RMIT has validated the water heaters as being over 98 percent efficient.

MicroHeat's technology was conceived in 2001 with assistance from Melbourne University and other institutions. Using an advanced technology platform, the units facilitate a reduction in water and energy usage, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

This water heater evolved when MicroHeat engineers were tasked with finding a solution to reduce energy and water wasted by storage-type hot water systems and other instantaneous hot water systems that are typically installed away from the hot water ‘point of use.’

Locating hot water services in this manner necessitates the nstallation of long lengths of reticulation piping to deliver hot water to the required outlet, where heat loss to the atmosphere, exacerbates energy losses, despite the use of pipe insulation.

The inherent inefficiencies found in these types of hot water service solutions wastes energy and increases greenhouse gas emissions. The wastage of water can be attributed to the time taken to deliver hot water to the point of use.

Tests have shown that up to 30% of the energy used by storage-type hot water systems is wasted because of the need to keep a large volume of water heated in anticipation of use, at a temperature higher than is normally used. This high temperature is required to mitigate the growth of Legionella bacteria.

The MicroHeat Continuous Flow Electric Water Heater intelligently optimises the amount of energy needed to heat water to the desired operating temperature, depending on the flow and temperature of the incoming cold water.

The unit provides an instant continuous flow of hot water at the point of use, without the use of a heat exchanger or heating elements. Power consumption is reduced as water is only heated when required and when on standby, energy use is typically as low as 300mW.

The products are WaterMark compliant and meet Australian and New Zealand Electrical Safety Standards.

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