M&E NSW 2014 Preview: Magnetic maintenance solutions

International Magnetic Solutions (IMS) will market their magnetic products and services on stand 7014 at M&E NSW.

IMS designs, manufactures and develops a range of complete magnetic solutions and products, in addition to providing an extensive test and repair service of magnetic equipment.

By utilising the expertise of their magnet specialists, toolmakers and fitters IMS is able to repair any item of magnetic equipment and offers onsite testing of Magnetic Wet Drum Separators.

This repair service offering enables IMS to determine the condition of the magnets within the drums, identify defective magnets that are reducing operational efficiency and restore all makes of Magnetic Wet Drum Separators to a fully operational condition.

IMS’s repair processes includes the lifting and handling of drums, which is easily conducted using their specifically designed Certified Drum lifting and transport carriages.

IMS’s comprehensive testing service is able to address the issues of controlling media density, which has a significant bearing on operational performance, as well as solve issues such as magnetite sticking, flocculating together or getting missed by magnetic separators.

IMS’s Scale Busta solution is a product that removes the ‘concrete-hard’ scale build-up within water pipes, sprays and pumps in underground mines or CHPP’s to ensure pipes are performing at their operational best. This solution is also ideal for treating water problems such as salinity, iron and corrosion and stops the scale build-up in motor cooling jackets, cooling towers and blockage of belting systems spray bars.

The Scale Busta operates by producing a very intense magnetic field through a pipe wall that allows the water within to breaking down extreme mineral concentrations that are commonly found in underground mining applications.

This also allows operators with the benefit of being able to test effectiveness of magnetic water conditioning by removing the scale within water extraction pipes and other water infrastructure.

The Scale Busta is commonly used for the following underground mining applications such as out flush lines, incoming lines, clean water lines, dam water lines, feed cooling water to equipment, on water coolers, heat exchangers, on old metal or polyethylene pipes and in preventing scale-build within new installations.

The features and benefits of adopting the Scale Busta solution are that it is proven in a range of underground mining, industrial and agricultural applications; easy to install and compatible with existing 6 inch; requiring no extensions; adds a minimal 40kg to the pipe section weight and is only 350mm in diameter; removes pre-existing scale and prevents future build-up of scale; requires no harmful chemicals; and after initial installation minimal no labour is required.