Maxon motor wins best new design award

Maxon motor’s EPOS2 36/2 module and sterilisable size 5 motor has been named a finalist in the Design News’ 2011 best new product category.

According to Maxon, it is proud to have the EPOS2 36/2 module and sterilisable Size 5 motor featured in the March issue of Design News, as a finalist in the 2011 Golden Mousetrap Awards.

The Design News editors judged the record number of entries received based on their expertise in each technology.

The OEM Drive Solution, maxon’s new miniaturised module is designed to control brush and brushless DC motors.

It operates as position controller, speed controller or current controller.

It can also be applied wherever decentralised drive management is needed.

Suitable as an OEM component in miniature apparatus manufacturing, it is developed to command and control within a CANopen network, according to Maxon.