Masakazu Sugiyama has been appointed Queensland’s Hydrogen Envoy

Professor Masakazu Sugiyama of the Research Centre for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST) at the University of Tokyo has been appointed Queensland’s Hydrogen Envoy in Japan.

The announcement was made during the World Hydrogen Technologies Convention in Tokyo taking place from 2 to 7 June.

“Queensland has a pioneering spirit that is greatly admired and respected. It will be wondering to work together,” Sugiyama said.

“Already, the collaborative research being undertaken by RCAST and QUT closely aligns with the objectives of the Queensland Government’s Hydrogen Industry Strategy.”

Cameron Dick, minister for state development, manufacturing, infrastructure and planning, says professor Sugiyama’s work on Queensland hydrogen projects made him an obvious choice for the role.

“Professor Sugiyama has shown his commitment to collaborating with Queensland by partnering with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) on a pilot plant that will test hydrogen technologies suitable for at-scale production, storage, use and export,” Dick said.

“RCAST has an agreement with QUT for collaborative research, academic, and scientific activities in hydrogen.”

Dick says, Sugiyama is currently leading the industry-university collaborative research unit for a global network of renewable hydrogen and will champion for Queensland hydrogen in global markets.

Dick says the appointment of Sugiyama as Queensland’s Hydrogen Envoy in Japan will strengthen Queensland’s relations with overseas companies.

“Professor Sugiyama has impressive research credentials when it comes to the commercial applications of hydrogen, and I look forward to working with him as we set the direction for growing a hydrogen industry in Queensland,” Dick said.