Manufacturing Skills Australia gives up to $10,000 to students pursuing manufacturing careers

Students interested in extending their learning in the manufacturing sector can apply for up to $10,000 from Manufacturing Skills Australia, to increase the number of skilled workers in the industry.

With applications open until July 12, the Manufacturing Skills Australia Development Fund is designed to incentivise a student’s commitment to vocational education and training.

The fund aims to address the skills shortage in the manufacturing sector, while also opening up pathways for students to bridge the gap between education and employment. By investing in industry-supported education such as apprenticeships and traineeships, the fund allows students to get a taste of the market for graduates, while honing their skills.

Furthermore, the fund is targeted to those who have shown exceptional commitment to learning in this sector and will encourage top achievers to pursue careers in manufacturing.

Funding can be used to extend research, training, or education programs across the manufacturing industry. These areas include metal, engineering and boating, aerospace, textiles clothing and footwear, furnishing, and process manufacturing.

Applications are open to those currently studying, those intending to study as well as apprentices or trainees. Funds will cover the costs associated with further education including course feeds, travel costs, books, and equipment.

Specificity is encouraged when applying, and the fund is seeking students with a targeted interest in manufacturing.

Manufacturing Skills Australia highlighted that it believes in the importance of learning and it is committed to assisting those individuals who share this belief.

Students from any state or territory in Australia are welcome to apply.