Manufacturing opportunities in Thales Hawkei military vehicle

Military vehicle manufacturer Thales Australia is to offer Victorian manufacturers opportunities to play a role in the manufacturing of the company’s Hawkei protected vehicle.

Around 20 SMEs, many from Victoria, met with Thales representatives to discuss options for the manufacture of the Hawkei’s fabricated sub-frame, vehicle components and assemblies.

Thales is segmenting the Hawkei supply chain work into around 30 major work packages. The company wishes to join with suppliers who can work in partnership with the company to meet specific quality, cost and technical requirements.

The work packages to be offered include work related to HVAC systems, Pneumatic systems, Hydraulic systems, Bonnet assembly, plastic components, power pack dressing.

Thales Australia CEO Chris Jenkins said in a statement, “Our Hawkei vehicles are currently undergoing testing by the Department of Defence and, if we are successful in securing a manufacturing contract, we’ll be working very closely with suppliers who can deliver cost-effective, high performance components for what is an important defence program.

“Manufacturing is a crucial part of this nation’s industrial base, and we will continue to support defence industry manufacturing because this industry has repeatedly proven it can deliver vital capabilities to the Australian Defence Force.”

Thales Australia recently delivered its 1000th Bushmaster armoured vehicle to the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

The company exports the Bushmaster vehicles to the UK and the Netherlands. They have been used in East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan.