Manufacturing job vacancies at highest level in seven months

The number of job vacancies in the manufacturing sector rose in November last year, suggesting more companies are hiring new staff, even though the total number of job vacancies across Australia was at its lowest level in 16 months, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. 

Eleven thousand manufacturing jobs were available in November 2011, compared with 10,400 in August; in May, there were 10,700 positions vacant in the manufacturing industry, and in February there were 12,100, showing the figure fell sharply around mid-year but is on-the-rise again. 

The number of manufacturing jobs available was at its highest in two years in August 2010, when 14,000 jobs needed filling. The figure was at its lowest in November 2009 when there were only 9,800 jobs available. 

There were more jobs available in Australia’s manufacturing industry than in the mining industry in November 2011, with 10,300 positions vacant in mining compared to 11,000 in manufacturing, suggesting the latter industry is still on par with mining in terms of keeping Australians employed, regardless of the resources boom. 

The figures show how quickly the mining industry has grown however, with only 4,100 jobs available in November 2009 compared to over 10,000 two years later. 

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