Manufacturing is the key to success: Intel

Outgoing Intel CEO Paul Otellini says manufacturing technology and material science will be the foundation on which the company's future success will be built.

In an earnings conference call Otellini said Intel was ahead of its semiconductor competition on key technologies for the future, and its strength in manufacturing next-generation products would help keep it profitable.


“This leadership and material science and manufacturing technology is the foundation on which our future success will be based, arming us with the world's lowest power and lowest cost transistors,” he said.


“The company’s core architectural and manufacturing strengths have never been more valuable and the opportunity presented by the evolution and expansion of the computing industry has never been greater.”


Otellini's confidence comes on the back of weak performance from Intel for the first quarter of 2013, with profit down 25 per cent.


Despite the weakness analysts said the company was well placed in a difficult environment, and some sales drops were to be expected as the market transitions from PCs to a new era of mobiles, tablets, and hybrids.

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