Manufacturing is the “foundation of all economic development”: Ford chief

Alan Mulally,
the global CEO and president of Ford, has commented on the importance of manufacturing
to a country’s economic development.

News Corp,
attending the Detroit Auto Show (at which Mulally was speaking), reports the
Ford chief as calling manufacturing the “foundation of wealth creation.”

“No country is ever successful in the long term …
without a really strong and vibrant manufacturing base,” he said.

“It’s the foundation of all economic development. You
actually make things that create value. That’s why every country around the
world is collaborating with the private sector … to figure out how to create an
environment where manufacturing (is viable).”

Ford will stop manufacturing its cars in Australia in 2016 and Holden will do the same in 2017. The departure in 2018 of the only other company making passenger automobiles, Toyota, is a real possibility. with the company admitting that is was under “unprecedented

Toyota has said its Japan headquarters will make a decision on investing in producing its new Camry in Australia around mid-year, but News Corp has cited
unnamed insiders who believe the company is in no hurry to do so.

Image: Wikipedia