Manufacturing Hubs Grant Program boosts G.E.T. Engineering

G.E.T. Engineering

Image credit: Queensland government.

G.E.T. Engineering, a Queensland-based industrial equipment manufacturer and repairs business, has received more than $280,000 under round one of the Manufacturing Hubs Grant Program (MHGP) to purchase a robotic arm to assist with welding tasks. 

On a tour of the G.E.T. Engineering work site, minister for Regional Development and Manufacturing Glenn Butcher said helping regional manufacturers become more competitive was a key focus for the state government. 

“Building local businesses, strengthening their capacity and capability helps local economies by delivering long-term, local jobs,” he said. “Our government is focused on delivering critical support to regional manufacturers, after the COVID-19 pandemic, to make sure they have the tools they need to grow and thrive. 

“Australian companies are increasingly looking to local manufacturers to step up and fill gaps exposed in supply chains, so it’s fantastic to see these family businesses in regional Queensland build and grow, to meet demand.” 

In servicing the local mining, agriculture and civil sectors, G.E.T. Engineering’s new robotic arm will enable them to perform larger welding operations and create four new jobs, aiding with the welding skills shortage impacting the manufacturing sector. 

“It’s great to see the Queensland government helping and investing in this area,” G.E.T. Engineering general manager Paul Klowss said. “It will be a big boost for our business once we get it up and running and will significantly increase our capacity and capability. 

“It’s difficult to get welders for these repetitive tasks and so this robotic arm will fill that gap. We’re looking forward to growing the business and adding new roles to our team.” 

Through the Manufacturing Hubs Grant Program, Ryder Machining Services also received a MHGP grant of $10,290. 

“Manufacturing already contributes $20 billion a year, to the state’s economy and employees and we want to see that build even further,” Butcher said. 

The Queensland government’s strong commitment to manufacturing, the Queensland Manufacturing Hubs recently received permanent funding to continue to help regional manufacturers grow their businesses and create local jobs. 

“The Hubs are bringing together the state, industry partners, local governments, local businesses and educational institutions to collaborate and grow regional manufacturing,” Butcher said.