Manufacturers to help speed limiter fight

The NSW Government’s Roads and Maritime Services is asking engine manufacturers to help fight truck drivers who tamper with speed limiters.

In a statement RMS director Peter Wells said manufacturers had been called on to help enforce the use of speed limiters after authorities had found further evidence of foul play among drivers.

“RMS and the NSW Police Force will continue to work together to stamp out this dangerous and potentially life threatening practice,” he said.

“We have asked truck engine manufacturers and companies which service and supply the engines to step up and help manage this risk.”

“Heavy vehicles detected with a speed limiter which has been tampered with will be grounded and RMS will examine the evidence for a chain of responsibility investigation.”

According to NSW laws heavy vehicles manufactured after 1 January 1988 must have a 100km/h speed limiter if the mass exceeds 15 tonnes.

A vehicle must also be fitted with a device if it was manufactured after 1 January 1991 and weighs over 12 tonnes.

Other restrictions apply for heavy vehicles used for public transport.

Image: Truck World

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