Why manufacturers’ need to go biometric

The manufacturing industry is as diverse as the people it employs. It covers a broad spectrum of equipment, materials, substances and formulations. It makes sense that the people working within the industry are just as varied – with a wide range of backgrounds, positions and permissions.

What all manufacturers do have in common is that they have to comply with a number of regulations. Safety and security are among top priorities, alongside productivity and speed. These present a number of challenges, particularly in terms of the management of staff. This is why biometrics technology is being embraced by the industry – as it makes everyone’s working life, no matter what their position is or responsibilities are – a lot easier and more efficient.

Access and control

In manufacturing, there are almost always areas that are restricted. This could be due to hazardous substances being produced or where large machinery is controlled. Traditionally, those with permissions or access to these areas were given a set of keys or a login and password. Both of these methods are fallible on a number of fronts.

Firstly, a person can lose their keys or forget their password. Secondly, they could give others their keys or password. And lastly, keys can be stolen/copied and passwords easily hacked. There is too much room for human error. A security breach in a manufacturing plant could have dire circumstances and stricter measures need to be employed to eliminate the possibility of these types of breaches.

Adding a layer of biometric technology to an authentication process is a sure way to prevent people accessing areas they are no supposed to. Biometric scanners measure the unique physical attributes of a person and cannot be imitated or copied by another. They might include fingerprinting or iris-reading technology.

Biometric scanners are complemented by time and attendance software that can then provide managers with full reports of working activity. Importantly, if there is an incident or breach, the technology and software provides the information an employer will need to investigate. This includes data as to who accessed restricted areas and at what times, enabling them to identify who is responsible. This type of accountability is essential in the modern working context.

Technology with substance

Manufacturers may well question the viability of using fingerprint technology – one of the more common biometric scanners – when employees are exposed to various substances and working in environments where grease, dust and water may be involved. Often workers will be wearing protective gloves and it is too dangerous as well as inconvenient to be removing and re-applying gloves to sign in/out or have access to their workspace.

Fortunately, the latest multi-spectral imaging technology looks beneath the surface of the skin to eliminate common fingerprint capture problems such as dirt, moisture or temperature and can accurately read prints through a latex glove. Also, there are other biometric scanners such as eye-scanners that could be employed as an alternative.

Keeping compliant

Biometric scanners, alongside digital time and attendance software are also automatically configured to ensure that leave and work rotas adhere to company, federal, state, local and industry regulations. This eliminates the risk of costly fines and penalties for your business.

Mitrefinch – intelligent employee management

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