Man suffers serious burns from molten glass

A Spotswood worker has suffered serious burns to nearly a third of his body after molten glass he was working with got onto his uniform and caught fire.

The man who was in his 20s was attended to by advanced life support paramedics from Yarraville and intensive care paramedics who said the worker was conscious and alert when they arrive on scene.

The man was given medicated nasal spray and then a drip to relieve burn pains.

The man suffered extensive burns to his abdomen, chest, neck and arms covering about 30 percent of his body, of which 15 percent were full thickness burns (down through the nerves).

“‘Our major concern was for his airway. He had redness in his mouth and his voice started becoming hoarse which are often indicators that the patient has a burnt airway which can potentially swell and close off the airway,” a paramedic on the scene said.

The man was place into an induced coma and put a breathing tube was put into help him breathe effectively.

“By rendering him unconscious, it also relieved a lot of his pain and gave his body an opportunity to recover,” the paramedic said.

The man was taken to the Alfred Hospital. He was admitted in a serious but stable condition.

The incident occurred on the morning of  June 3.

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