Lubrication Engineers’ Viper Maxi MK II wire rope lubricator is largest in the world

Leading Australian lubrication solutions provider, Lubrication Engineers has launched the new Viper Maxi MK II, the largest wire rope lubricator available in the global market. An addition to the popular MK II, Viper Maxi MK II is designed for ropes 67mm to 165mm in size.

Geoff Manley, General Manager of Lubrication Engineers said that the Viper Maxi MK II was engineered based on the demand for the Viper MK II wire rope lubricator. The latest kit will service the offshore marine industry, particularly deep water oil and gas operations with applications including ROV cables, vessel crane ropes, and underwater offshore wire ropes.

Viper Maxi MK II wire rope lubricators are available with two pump options. While the standard pump services ropes up to 90mm and delivers a maximum 4.5kg per minute lubrication flow, the second Hi-Flow pump delivers up to 13kg per minute.

Key features of the new Viper Maxi MK II kit include an upgraded lubricant pump; collar constructed from high strength aluminium alloy, precision machined to tight specifications; stainless steel hardware providing maximum durability and corrosion protection; single pass wire rope lubrication eliminating need for manual greasing; and high pressure and high flow grease pump with speeds up 1,000m/hour enabling faster rope lubrication.