Lockheed Martin Australia supports advanced technologies development

Defence technology and innovation company, Lockheed Martin Australia has announced research and development (R&D) seeding grants for an investment in excess of $900,000 in local academic and industry partners to develop advanced technologies for the Future Submarine Program.

The R&D grant recipients represent the best of breed in innovation and high value skills present in the academic and defence industry communities, with 9 out of 10 recipient organisations being an Australian SME or an Australian university.

The recipients have been selected after a competitive process and two recipients attended a ceremony at Lockheed Martin Australia’s Combat System Laboratory in South Australia, to acknowledge their participation in the R&D Program.

The Program is representative of the long-term, multimillion-dollar investment in R&D to provide a roadmap for future-proofing the advanced technologies needed to deliver and maintain regional superiority to the future submarine fleet.

Under the first phase of the program, Lockheed Martin Australia will be awarding $75,000 seeding grants to these organisations – for a total investment of more than $900,000.

Some organisations have secured multiple grants, with 13 R&D concept papers to be developed.  Recipients already under contract include: Acacia Research, L3 Ocean Systems, L3 Oceania, Flinders University, University of Melbourne and 3D at Depth.

Lockheed Martin Australia and New Zealand chief executive Vince Di Pietro said the company is proud that 9 of the 10 organisations selected are Australian SME organisations and universities.

“This is an important realisation of Lockheed Martin Australia’s commitment to develop and deliver the Future Submarines as a sovereign capability.

“At Lockheed Martin Australia we work very hard to ensure our relationships with academia, and industry partners makes a real difference and raises the technology base for Australia.

“Initiatives such as our R&D Program for the Future Submarines demonstrates our commitment to work with Australian academia and industry to discover and evolve the best of breed technology not just for Australia, but also potentially to a global audience,” said Di Pietro.

The Flinders University has been selected as a research partner for the topic Identification of novel operational concepts associated with the use of uninhabited and autonomous systems by a submarine.

Flinders University vice-chancellor professor Colin Stirling said I am delighted that Flinders University has been selected by Lockheed Martin Australia to develop advanced technologies for the Future Submarine Program.

“Research and development is an essential element of building sovereign capability. This announcement further demonstrates Flinders University’s growing national and international reputation as a defence industry partner of choice.”

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